Stickers & AR Filter

Platform: GIPHY + Instagram


The Stickers remain popular, amassing over 60 million views across various platforms, while the AR Filter has been used more than 1000 times.

IAESTE is a global not-for-profit organisation that facilitates international technical internships for students. In India, it operates with a student-run structure at both the national and local levels. I dedicated two years to volunteering for the local committee in Manipal, where I managed public relations. Subsequently, I was appointed to the 10-member national board for a one-year term.

GIPHY Stickers

IAESTE Manipal hosts an annual week-long celebration called Namaste Manipal for interns. These individuals come from various parts of the world, engaging in work across different regions of India during the summer. They converge in Manipal for this event.

As the person in charge of branding and marketing for the event, I designed a new logo and led a team in creating design elements for each event. Individually, I crafted digital stickers and uploaded them to GIPHY, enabling attendees to incorporate them into their Instagram and Snapchat stories.

These stickers have surpassed their initial purpose and are now widely shared by people. They consistently garner over a million views each month.

AR Filter

IAESTE organizes an Annual Conference each year, bringing together representatives from over 80 member countries to exchange internship opportunities. I attended the 2020 conference in Slovakia, serving as an exchange administrator.

As a component of our extensive marketing initiatives to showcase India as a prime internship destination, I developed an AR Filter utilizing Meta/Facebook's Spark AR tool. The filter combined the styles of 'randomizer' and 'background.' It lived on the IAESTE India Instagram account, garnering over 1000 uses.

Images of a few famous places in India for the background

Building the logic in Spark AR's Patch Editor

Left: Simulation within Spark AR, right: testing in the Instagram app