CNBC TV18 Interview

I was interviewed by CNBC TV18 in San Jose as an Apple WWDC18 Scholarship winner.

Stop Motion Animation

At the age of 14, I created a stop motion animation video based on Steve Jobs. I created the characters using the Foldify app on my iPad. It was subsequently shared on the app developer's website.



I've created a few drawings in Procreate and have clicked some pictures that make good wallpapers.



Financials – Apple WWDC18

I submitted this Swift Playground Book for the Apple WWDC18 Scholarship and was selected as one of the winners. The Playground Book helps calculate a person's income tax liability based on Indian tax laws (as prevalent at the time of submission).

Tatranská Lomnica  Drone Shots

Drone shots from when I attended the 73rd IAESTE Annual Conference held in the scenic ski town of Tatranská Lomnica in Slovakia.